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I believe in the transformation of technical stacks into future software.

I have been building web and mobile applications for over a decade. We pair project with talent and deliver high quality Applications worldwide that made us one of the leading Application development company.

My responsibilities included building the engineering and operations teams, developing the company’s strategy for using technological resources. My recent initiatives include:

*  Increased delivery rate of new products
*  Ensuring technologies are used efficiently, profitably and securely
*  Improved developer productivity through the introduction of ReactJS and ReactNative
*  Evaluating and implementing new systems and infrastructure
*  Reduced time to recovery for cloud infrastructure through automation by leveraging OSS technologies including terraform, packer, and vagrant

I have great experience helping companies solve their most complex technology challenges. My functional experience includes: software and product development, mobile application development, system architecture, engineering management, AI & machine learning and high performance computing. Deep expertise in product development, agile methodologies, and cloud computing.

*  Developing AI / ML based products
*  Developing Web Applications in Ruby on Rails / Python / Django / VueJS / ReactJS / EmberJS / Angular.js and Bootstrap
*  Developing Mobile Applications in ReactNative / Ionic / Swift / Android
*  Developing Software, Web and Mobile Applications based on IOT / Chromecast / NFC / Bluetooth / Wifi / Hardware Integrations

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