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Have Great Idea, but No Funding

Having a big, billion-dollar idea for a new company or start-up is great—but now what? You probably need a website, a tech team, some office space, and, of course, at least enough cash coming in each month to pay your rent.

Which means, you need money. Whether it’s a cool new app or a swanky café, most businesses and most entrepreneurs require at least a little bit of funding to really get off the ground in their early days.

Money is never a problem when you have the correct money – making business!

Here’s what you need to do to get millions invested:

Friends and family invest on ideas.

Investors invest on businesses!

Whats the difference?

Friends and family invest on your ideas because they love you and want to support your dreams.

Investors on the other hand, invest on what makes money.

Ideas don’t make money. Businesses do.

Ideas are like dreams. Execution makes a business.

I would suggest you to achieve these 2 steps:

1. Learn all about the lean startup process:

Create a cheap prototype, find the customers; talk to them, learn from them and provide the perfect solution. This is called proof of concept or MVP minimum viable product.

Achieve pre-sales or proof that you have a demand for your product or business idea. This is the only real proof that your idea is worth the time and money to be invested. Real sales are priceless whenever you want to raise money.

2. Execution:

Investors also know how important execution is. They invest in people. People are the ones who make things happen.

Look at it this way, two teams with the same product, same ideas, same market same money will always achieve different results.


Execution is what makes the difference and great execution only comes with amazing people.

If you present solid proof of this 2 concepts, you may get as much millions you will ever need.

Investors are hungry for money making businesses!

Finding funding can be the hardest part of getting your business off the ground, but also the most rewarding. Once you’ve saved, gotten approved for a loan, or found other people to invest in your business, you can get back to—or start—your dream job! Though it can be a long road to success, finding allies along the way (whether they’re friends, angel investors, or venture capitalists) to help keep your business afloat can make all the difference in the world. 

I became a software developer because I enjoy building, creating and solving problems. I mentor several American, European and Indian startups. I enjoy guiding them through the journey of creating and developing their ideas, and turning them into a reality.
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