Why work-from-home cannot be the new normal

Why work-from-home cannot be the ‘new normal’?

The coronavirus pandemic has brought over a lot of changes in many spheres all across the world. Many changes have occurred in the economic structures. New styles of working need to be practised to keep ourselves healthy and safe. The only rationale left for many working people in such a crisis is “Work from Home.” 

Work from home has become very common in only just a year. Recently many working people expressed their views regarding the issues they face while working from home. Work-from-home cannot be the ‘new normal.’ The following points can be mentioned supporting this statement:

Lack of Creativity:

Work from home has resulted in a lack of creativity. The virtual meetings become exhausting after a while. The professionals fail to express their innovative ideas in the process.

Lack of Communication:

There always remains a communication gap within the team if you work from home. It isn’t easy to understand the other person’s reactions. 

Lack of Balance:

As people work from home, they tend to spend more time with family. This will, indeed have an impact on the balance between their personal lives and work. 

Lack of Unity:

If work from home becomes the new normal, it will harm a professional team’s unity. A connection can never be built in this way. If an agreement is not maintained, it may be difficult for the company to run smoothly.

Lack of Proper Workplace:

A proper workplace boosts up the energy levels of the workers. The surrounding provided in the office is absent in their homes. This may lead to the workers being less productive and less focused.

Lack of Infrastructure:

Many workers do not have broadband. In reality, many are not able to set up work stations at home.

There may be various advantages of working from home, but this can still not be a sustainable long-term solution. 

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